Architecture & designing is as much as an art on the planning table as it is to the naked eye of the viewer. Capturing this beauty to market it, could be a tough job to execute.

What shows on your picture-portfolio is what speaks on your behalf to the audience. Like it takes a professional to design it for you [or you yourself], it takes a professional eye to curate it into a photograph for you, too!

Hence, choosing a photographer for your project is an important & crucial step.

Most of the times, we attempt to execute the job by ourselves or just any guy with a good camera.

One needs to understand here, that the perspective of a portrait pictographer isn’t same as that of an interiors/architectural photographer. These are niche inside niche experts who focus purely on design based photography.

Finding one though, might sound like some real trouble; doesn’t it? But actually, it isn’t. Few easy steps & you could find the right fit to get a fabulous product.


A few dos & don’ts for finding the right partner:

    • Ditch the digital

    You can’t find all on google & google can’t recommend the brightest to you. So it’s best to first go to people for recommendations & suggestions. If you yourself are an architectural/interior professional looking to get your work photographed, talk within the circle to find out the best of options.

    [You never know, you might even find architectural professionals themselves doing architectural & interiors photography, just like us!]

    If you are a client looking to get some good stuff on brochures for marketing, contact your designer to find out about such professional photographers specialising in design photography.


    • Online search & research

    Such professionals mostly have their own websites or an online portfolio on social media. You can get tabs on them easily though ‘hashtag searching’ their field of expertise.

    Sometimes, you may find your photographer just by chance online itself.

    These online work profiles & portfolios provide you with a good chance to gauge their work & talent & judge if they suit your needs.

    Also, you can pick or make new ideas about how you want your place imagined & portrayed in the pictures.

    • Develop an idea board

    Before meeting your photographer, try to gather some ideas & imagery, which you want to match to. This could in terms of lighting, furnishing, set-designing for the pictures etc.

    This is an important step in the way of creating a fabulous portfolio of the place. The photographer is always available to help you out, but your idea of the place is conveyed exactly through what you convey to the photographer.

    Try using media platforms like Pinterest, Houzz & other interior websites to fish ideas & create your idea boards.

    • Work together

    The design & space might be yours but the project is the photographer’s baby; so work together & discuss out things in detail which can bring out the best out of the place instead of one of the party’s ideas.  Put across your opinions & take suggestions & ideas with an open mind.


Together you & photographer can create true magic on film.

  • Choose wise & enquire more wisely to find a professional who is invested in architectural/interiors photography truly & wholly.


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